Design Objects

Interlocking Particles


Sculpture Aalto University Finland


Interlocking Particle explores the potential of plate assembly for wooden construction. It is an attempt to combine the generative behavior of particle systems with the tectonic exploration of material systems.The sculpture was exhibited as part of the Aalto Festival 2017.


SUTD Open House


Exhibition Platform Singapore


The design provides an exhibition platform for the annual SUTD Open House event. The neutrality of the white open space of the gallery and lobby is counteracted by the physical presence of the platform: an 18m long and up to 4 wide gridded structure out of 2×4 stud of pine.


Reciprocal Roof


Outdoor Covering Reutlingen Germany

The roof structure covers an outdoor seating area. Based on the principle of reciprocity, the structure cantilevers out from the wall without additional support. Geometric interlocking provides stiffness and, at the same time, introduces ornamental quality to the seemingly floating beams.

Design: Toni Kotnik
Structure: Patrick Ole Ohlbrock, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Steelwork: Gebr. Gysi AG, Baar, Switzerland
Woodwork: Oliver Zgraggen, ETH Zurich, Switzerland




Conference Table Zurich Switzerland


Counterpoise is the expression of a dynamic act of balancing. It is a floating piece of furniture radiating into the surrounding space, grounded in a reduced formal language of delicate equilibrium of forces. The project is using principles of structural design on the scale of furniture design.