Performative Patterns of High Density


Biennale | Venice | Italy


By viewing the city not anymore as a collection of independent objects of attraction but rather as a systemic network of relationships in modulation of microclimatic conditions, the exhibition develops a new approaches to our future challenges related to urbanisation. Thereby, computational design thinking plays a central role. It enables an integrative systemic design approach across scales and disciplines.


Rethinking the Singapore Hawker Centre


National Design Centre | Singapore


Hawker culture in Singapore is an integral part of the way of life for Singaporeans but has come under increasing pressure. The exhibition explores the transformation of Hawker Centres into an articulated landscape as new urban typology grounded in social and environmental sustainability.


Connecting the Dots: an AI Exhibition


Dipoli | Espoo | Finland


Connecting the Dots is a science and art exhibition revolving around the world of artificial intelligence. It showcases AI-related research and arts made in Aalto University in a way that’s easy to approach, yet gives you food for thought. On show are some first experiments by Luka Piškorec on machine learning and generation of 3d objects.


Sensual Mathematics


Heureka Science Center | Vantaa | Finland


Sensual Mathematics is an exhibition that aims at enhancing the interaction between science and art. Student artworks of a transdisciplinary course “Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture” at Aalto University are curated for the exhibition as part of the Aalto Festival.


Common Ground


Arsenale | Biennale | Venice | Italy


The Biennale theme Common Ground explores how the work of the major protagonists of contemporary architecture is based on historical lineages of collective research. In the exhibition, the work of Zaha Hadid is put in relation with form-finding experiments of Heinz Isler, a Swiss pioneer in shell structures.