Sensual Mathematics


Heureka Science Center | Vantaa | Finland


Sensual Mathematics is an exhibition that aims at enhancing the interaction between science and art. Student artworks of a transdisciplinary course “Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture” at Aalto University are curated for the exhibition as part of the Aalto Festival.

On display in Heureka’s Event Square, this exhibition featured eight enormous sculptures. Heureka participated in the course instruction by helping the students to understand the design and creation challenges involved in a public exhibition. This marked the first time that Heureka has hosted such a large exhibition entirely produced by students. The works created a unique space through which visitors to Heureka walked as if through a forest. The works drew their inspiration from fractals, origami, musical scales as well as light and shadow. The sculptures brought maths and art together in a way that enabled for the study of, among other things, the relationships between natural structures and mathematics, perspective and three-dimensional form. Mathematical theories that are difficult to visualise were merged with beautiful forms and layers that anyone can appreciate. The exhibition was a concrete realisation of the dialogue between art and science, and it dispelled any prejudices regarding mathematics.

Exhibition: 9 May – 22 October 2017