ARK-E2511  Digital Fabrication

Credits: 3-6cr

Teachers: Luka Piškorec, Ashish Mohite

Students will work in groups of 2 and complete a mini-project by the end of the workshop (Friday). Technical skills in operating 3D printing setups (Ultimaker and Universal Robots) as well as algorithmic design understanding integrated with digital fabrication tools will be evaluated based on the completed project. As time is short, students will be provided with working examples of models and code-snippets, as well as with support for their integration. The emphasis should be on exploration and experimentation, starting from the basics and building up, rather than setting unrealistic goals that cannot be reverse-engineered in the given time.


ARK-E2513  Algorithmic Design

Credits: 3-6cr

Teacher: Luka Piškorec

The course deals with methods of algorithmic design applied to the field of architecture, landscape design, and construction, as well as in the broad fields of industrial and product design. Although many architects still use computers much like they used analog drawing boards, intrinsic capabilities of computers allow them to formalize their designs through code. This opens novel approaches in design thinking and articulation and gives architects, landscape architects, and designers powerful tools for formalizing their work. This approach also captures and exploits the inherent contemporary condition – when drawings become data, it becomes possible to create what was previously undrawable.


ARK-E2509 Design of Structures Theory

Credits: 3-5cr

Teacher: Dr. Toni Kotnik

This seminar-like course is an introduction into theoretical aspects of digital architecture and its influence on architectural conceptions. The course is based on readings of important texts and discussion of them. In addition, short weekly writings on the given texts are required.